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Alterations and Heirlooming

New City Cleaners

New City Cleaners would like to congratulate you on your special day!

New City Cleaners is your trusted specialty cleaner since 1910,

We preserve your wedding gowns and your heirlooms.

Cleaning, restoration and preservation of wedding gowns and other cherish garments have distinguished New City Cleaners for many years. Using the gentlest of procedures, New City Cleaners can uniquely clean and restore beaded and antique wedding gowns. Beads and sequins are sewn before and after cleaning to ensure a like-new condition.

The pressing of wedding gowns is handled by an experienced staff of finishers using the correct equipment for each particular fabric. The preservation of heirlooming of the wedding gown protects the gown from oxidation and moisture and slows down the aging of the garment.

We are a Sanitone certified master dry cleaner. Our natural organic solvent leaves your clothes softer feeling and help them last longer, with brighter colors and whiter whites! We insure our customers of the highest quality services.

New City Cleaners can help you before and after your wedding day. New City Cleaners specialized in wedding gowns, veils, and bridesmaids dresses. Our seamstress does impeccable work to make sure your dress fits just right. New City Cleaners can steam and press your dress even deliver your dress to your wedding location!

After your wedding New City Cleaners can clean, press and preserve your wedding gown for safe keeping. New City Cleaners uses only the gentlest of processes to ensure your wedding gown looks as beautiful as the day you wore it. The Preservation process (also called heirlooming) preserves your dress in an acid free box and sealed to limit oxygen and lighting prevent yellowing.

President Jarrell Epp

Sales & Marketing Manager Lesley Reneau

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